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Labor Day Weekend Sale! - 2020-09-04

All French Canadian games are on sale this weekend. I've also added some hardware componants to the clearance section.

This is done to make room for new stock.

Happy Long weekend everyone!

Revolution Overlay Series 1 - Pre-orders!! - 2020-08-23

Revolution Overlay  Series 1.

Time to bring out your favorite home video game console and play some games!

Use these overlays in your hand controller to help guide you to victory, beat your opponent, or get that high score yopu've been trying to acheive.

Choose from great titles such as Moon Blast, Missile Domination, Sea Venture, Warship, and more, and have a blast!!

Included will be 40 controller overlays for 20 different games and one information booklet.


Overlays for the following games are included:

  • Beat'em & Eat'em
  • Brickout
  • Copter Command
  • GoSub
  • Super Pro GoSub
  • Hotel Bunny
  • Jawcrusher
  • Laser Sharks
  • League of Light
  • Melody Runner
  • Meteors
  • Missle Domination
  • Moon Blast
  • Robot Rubble
  • Sea Venture
  • Secret Government Waffle Project
  • Showcase Vol.1: Goatnom
  • Showcase Vol.1: Warship!
  • Showcase Vol.1: Zyx
  • Ultimate Pong

(Overlays will have a 2020 copyright date on them)


Visit the Intellivision Games Vault to download digital game ROMs for free. Not all game titles in the Overlays package have a publicly available ROM at this time. Enjoy the free games by IntellivisionRevolution and other programmers and publishers!


I am making these items available for reservation. Please follow these steps:

  1. Register on the Intellivision Collector website
  2. Add this item to your basket and go through the checkout process
  3. Upon checkout, select "Print Order Form" as a method of shippingt & finalize the order (no payments are being accepted at this time) by clicking on the "Secure Checkout" button.
  4. I will receive notification that you want this item. Please check your email for a confirmation. Be sure it does not go into your junkmail.
  5. When the item becomes available, you will have an item reserved for you. I will Paypal invoice you with the cost of the item and shipping. You can then submit payment or simply cancel your request for this item.

Release is currently scheduled for Late Summer/Fall 2020.


I urge you all to also subscribe to the Intelivision Revolution website newsletter in order to get all the latest information regarding their new exciting projects and upcoming releases! click HERE for the link.


*Overlay game titles & information above are subject to change. Price is still TBD.

*Art work is a work in progress and may be altered at the time of release.

Mexican Variants! - 2020-08-08

Finally! Mexican Variants have arrived to Intellivision Collector!

I have secured a contact  for Mexican Aurimat Games! They are expensive, and shipping to me is even more expensive; therefore, these games are not for all collectors due to the high cost per game. We at Intellivision Collector aim to satisfy ALL collectors (Even the exotic ones).



Games / Homebrews / Hardware additions - July 13th, 2020

* Note - I will be unable to ship items from July 14th - 21st.

Tody's additions are:

  • Star Strike - Intellivision Inc. Loose Cartridge
  • Intellivoice Module Bundle Pack (Includes 3 Intellivoice games)
  • Math Fun - Intellivision inc. CIB - Rare folding instructions and paper overlays
  • Shark Shark (Intellivision inc.)
  • Burgertime (Mattel)
  • Space Hawk (Intellivision inc.)
  • Sharp Shot (Intellivision inc.)
  • Pinball (Intellivision inc.)
  • Super Pro Football (INTV)
  • Thin Ice - White sign Variant (INTV)
  • Thin Ice - Yellow sign Variant (INTV)
  • B-17 Bomber - Empty Game Box
  • Motocross (Intellivision inc.)
  • World Cup Soccer (Dextel - No manual)
  • Bump 'n' Jump (Intellivision inc.)
  • Masters of the Universe : The Power of He-Man (Mattel version w/comic book)
  • World Championship Baseball (INTV)
  • OEM Replacement Controller Matrix
  • Intellivision 2 Working controller
  • Intellivision 2609 Working used controller
  • Basketball (Intellivision inc.)
  • Kool-Aid Man (Mattel)
  • Q-Bert
  • Popeye
  • Boxing (Intellivision inc.)
  • Dracula
  • D2K Arcade
  • Centipede - Loose Cartridge & Manual
  • Ladybug - Loose cartridge & manual
  • Donkey Kong Junior (Coleco)
Newly added games & Homebrews - July 9th, 2020

Today's added products:

Used games:

  • NBA Basketball - Part Number on Top
  • Boxing
  • PGA Golf
  • NBA Basketball - Part Number on Top
  • Tennis - Part Number on Top
  • U.S. Ski Team Skiing - Part Number on Top
  • MLB Baseball - Part Number on Top
  • NFL Football
  • Demon Attack - pterodactyl version - Box only
  • Night Stalker - Intellivision Inc. Box only
  • Vectron - Intellivision Inc. Box only
  • Football - Loose Cartridge
  • Beauty & the Beast - Loose Cartridge
  • Frogger - Loose Cartridge
  • Pitfall - Loose Cartridge
  • Intellivoice Catalogue
  • Pitfall - Manual only
  • INTV III Console Manual
  • FROGGER - Manual only
  • Armor Battle - USA G1 Manual Only
  • Night Stalker - USA Manual only
  • Triple Action - USA Manual only
  • Game Catalogue - Version G3
  • Triple Action - Intellivision Inc.
  • Shark Shark - Intellivision Inc.
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons : Treasure of Tarmin - Intellivision Inc.
  • Mouse Trap - French Canadian
  • Burgertime - Mattel
  • Buzz Bombers - Mattel


  • DK Arcade
  • D2K Arcade - Signed copy (Sealed)
  • D2K Arcade (Sealed)
  • D2K Arcade SE - Signed copy (Sealed)


  • Used Intellivision II console
  • Used Intellivision 2609 console
Console repair parts &starter kits - July 4th, 2020

I've reduced the prices of the repair parts (transformers, power boards and main boards) along with the console starter kit as I have just received a new shipment of consoles, and they are taking up space.

  • Transformers were $29.99, now $19.99
  • Power boards were $24.99, now $14.99
  • Main boards were $39.99, now $29.99
  • Console starter kits were $99.99, now $74.99


Intellivision Collector team..

Small Update - June 30th, 2020

Here's a small update. These used games were added:


  • TRON : Deadly Discs - Used
  • Armor Battle - Used
  • Sea Battle - Used
  • TRON : Maze-A-TRON - Used
  • Lock 'N' Chase - Used
  • SNAFU - Used
  • Triple Action - Used
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Used
  • Night Stalker - Used
  • Space Battle (Original Red Box) - Part Number on Top - Used
New arrivals - June 27th, 2020

Today's new arrivals:

  • Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack - Part Number on Top
  • Armor Battle - Part Number on Top
  • Star Strike - Used
  • Motocross - Loose Cartridge
  • Football - Loose Cartridge
  • Microsurgeon - Used
  • Reversi - Loose Cartridge
  • Loco-Motion - Loose Cartridge
  • Bowling - Loose Cartridge
  • Atlantis - Loose Cartridge
  • Dragonfire - Loose Cartridge
  • Hockey - Loose Cartridge (Vartiant Label)
  • Boxing - Loose Cartridge - Variant Label
  • Demon Attack - pterodactyl version - White tray - Used
  • Atlantis - Used
  • Frog Bog - French Canadian
  • Lock 'N' Chase - French Canadian
  • Space Battle - French Canadian
  • Star Strike - French Canadian
  • Burger Time - French Canadian
  • Space Spartans - Used
  • Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack - Used
  • Astrosmash - Used
  •  Triple Action- Sears - Used
  • Intellivoice Module – Loose
Hardware / Homebrew / Games added - June 21st (Happy Father's Day)

Today, I got around to add some hardware & parts to the site.

  • TandyVision console
  • Console starter pack
  • Transformers
  • Power Boards
  • Main Boards

I've also added games from two medium sized lots I bought. Still have lots more to add.

I'be also added a BSR game category for the Three BSR games released last year (which are sealed and posted for sale).


Thank you to everyone whom has supported me by purchasing from my site. I've been getting fantastic feedback!


Game / Console Manuals Added! - May 25th, 2020

I've recently added over 200 Game manuals and about half a dozen console manuals to the site. Identifying manual part numbers & revisions (also location of manufacturer for you die hard collectors!)

More news will be announced shortly! Many projects on the go, but I can only announce them when confirmed...


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