Collecting Intellivision games almost has no end (as most of you know). Here are a few titles/variants that we are looking for and are willing to either purchase, or give store credit in exchange for the item:

  • Space Armada (Red Box) - Shrink Wrapped
  • Kool-Aid Man - Shrink Wrapped
  • Motocross - Shrink Wrapped (Mattel)
  • Pac-Man - Shrink Wrapped (Atarisoft)
  • Zaxxon - Unopened box (Coleco version)
  • Dracula - Shrink Wrapped
  • Tropical Trouble - Shrink Wrapped
  • White Water! - Shrink Wrapped
  • Blockade Runner - Shrink Wrapped
  • Sewer Sam - Shrink Wrapped
  • Congo Bongo - Sealed box
  • Melody Blaster - Shrink Wrapped (Short box)
  • Mind Strike - Shrink Wrapped (Gatefold box)
  • *** Any Sleeved French Canadian variant game ***
  • For Colour TV Viewing Only (FCTVVO) games
    • Poker & Blackjack (sealed)
    • Math Fun (either sealed or opened)
    • Armor Battle (sealed)



E-mail us the details of what you have and please pictures available to send us upon request.

Thank you.

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